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A cross-dimensional accident forces ghost-fighting superhero Danny Phantom

out of a five-year retirement when his old arch-nemesis, Vlad Plasmius,

allies himself with Eon, a time-walker on an endless crusade across the multiverse.

With the help of the alien shape-shifting space cop, Ben 10, the Heroes must find

a way to stop this mastermind. In a story of Morality vs Power, 5 Years Later brings

together universes for an epic conclusion that takes them to the next level.

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Concept Art:


5 Years Later is a crossover-continuation of Danny Phantom (Nickelodeon) and The Original Ben 10 Saga (Cartoon Network), created, written, and illustrated by Rob Orpilla.  The series also has strong connections to Invader Zim (Nickelodeon), Generator Rex (Cartoon Network), and many other series popular around their time. 


Over the years, the series has exploded in popularity. 5YL has received overwhelmingly positive responses from millions of fans across the globe, including approval from those who have worked on the series' proper.


This has lead to multiple successful tie-in videos, a spin-off animated series (And Beyond), and contributions from other members of The Ink Tank, and guest artists/ consultants.


5YL also encourages strong community engagement. Fans are able to expand Ben's Arsenal with their own transformation contributions by commissioning Orpilla to draw them on his live-streams, Drawing with Kuro. There have also been multiple contests resulting in T-Shirt and Poster give-a-ways and redrawing fan-submitted art in the official "5YL Style". During Chapter 8's release, three out of thousands of fan-submitted transformations were chosen to make special appearances in the series. Additionally, anything created by The Ink Tank for 5YL is welcome by anyone to use, edit, redraw, or remix for their own creative pleasure.


The success of 5YL also launched Orpilla's career in the entertainment industry and the official founding of The Ink Tank LLC.

A Motion Comic Adaptation is currently in development.


ROB "Kuro the Artist" ORPILLA - Writer & Illustrator

RYAN "O.R. Ash" ASHER - Concept Artist & Illustrator

HURSHIE L. K. WILLIAMS - Story Contributions

ALEX "Insane-Mane" GAUTREAUX -

Story Contributions & Concept Artist (Chapters 1 - 7 & 12)

"SCHORCHLE" - Guest Illustrator (Chapter 7)

"SKYE NYX" - Consultant (Chapter 10)

KELLEN GOFF - Story Contributions (Chapters 10 - 12)
JACK "Action Jack" REEVES - Guest Illustrator (Chapters 5 & 6 [R] & 12)
"CAPTAIN EON" - Hologram Assets (Chapter 5 [R])

Kuro's Video Diary:

A collection of videos from Writer and Illustrator Rob Orpilla (Kuro the Artist) during the final weeks of Chapter 10's Production Cycle.

A Message From Alex:

Former Character Designer Alex Gautreaux (Insane-Mane) recalls

his time on the series during 5YL's three year anniversary event [April 3rd, 2020].

Voice Acting: Creature Noises for "Anur"

In the sixth episode of And Beyond, focused around The Anur System, Orpilla provided the vocal sound effects for the background creatures.

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