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Enjoy a brief selection of the animated projects The Ink Tank has created.

Brief Examples

A collection of short animations, all less than 30 seconds. 

Animated Projects

Some larger projects produced by The Ink Tank with various forms of animation.

A comedic documentary-style animated series spin-off of The Ink Tank's 5 Years Later series. Meet Horas (Voiced by Ryan Asher), a charismatic robot that travels the Multiverse, documenting its strange creatures and their peculiar history. Below are two episode samples.

"The Message"

A two-part animation featuring the voice talents of Kellen Goff as Mantabolt, Bullwark, and XLR8. Part 1 features Galatic Hero Ben Tennyson phoning his tech-support pals when he cannot seem to decode a voice message. Part 2 (Starts at 18:28) concludes the story.

"Phantom Hollow"

Created by Michael Garcia, a ten-minute series pilot was produced in 2019.

While not animated by any Ink Tank Member, but by Desmond Bouey, Orpilla was the lead art director and

character designer. Below is the Full Pilot Episode, along with more information on the series.

Click Here for more information on
Phantom Hollow!

Outdated Work

A collection of older projects that no longer represent our current skills and services.

As we continue to evolve, we enjoy looking back at our earlier work, to see how far we have come.

"All Might vs Superman"
"Digital Battle"
Thorn and Lt. Gold

Voice Credits:

All Might (Andrew Boa) | Superman (Terrance Drye)

Created with Pivot during Orpilla's early years.

Rough Animation for "Elf Detective" Pilot episode.

Voice Credits Unknown.

Storyboard #1
Storyboard #2
"Fairly Odd Anime"

Animatic for "Elf Detective" Pilot episode.

Voice Credits and Additional Artist Unknown.

Animatic for "ImagiNathan" Pilot episode.

Additional Artist Unknown.

Parodying "The Fairly Oddparents" (Nickelodeon).

This animation takes influence from Dragon Ball Super.

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