Animation & Editing

Enjoy a brief selection of the animated projects The Ink Tank has created.

"And Beyond"

And Beyond is a sci-fi mockumentary web-series that first launched in 2019. 

Each episode follows Horas (voiced by Ryan Asher) as he travels the multiverse teaching viewers about the oddities of supernatural and extraterrestrial life. The series is written and illustrated by Asher, while animated and edited by Rob Orpilla. The series has gained noteworthy popularity, receiving positives reviews and sponsorship deals for later episodes. The series also ties-in with our on-going comic series, 5 Years Later.

Animation Sample:
Episode Sample:

"Video Editing"

A sample of Rob Orpilla's video-editing experience.

This ranges from simpler animations, documentary-style editing, visual effects, presentational, and music videos.

"All Might vs Superman"

A one-shot video analysis project for YouTube required fully animated segments at the beginning and end of the video. This project was produced in 2018 and was animated traditionally, colored digitally, and had voices contributed by Terrence Drye and Andrew Boa. Below is a sample of each segment.

"Phantom Hollow"

Created by Michael Garcia, a ten-minute series pilot was produced in 2019.

While not animated by any Ink Tank Member, but by Desmond Bouey,

Orpilla was the lead art director and character designer, and had some involvement with the story and lore, and sound design. Below is a sample of the currently-unreleased full pilot.

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Phantom Hollow!