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Scott Frerichs - Danny Fenton/Phantom

Paxton Lee - Ben Tennyson 

Jonah Scott - Eon/Divinity, Technus, and Jack Fenton

Brook Chalmers - Vlad Masters/Plasmius 

Julisa Lopez - Gwendolyn Tennyson

Andrew Russell - Kevin Levin and Zim

AJ Beckles - Rook Blonko

Kellen Goff - Dr. Animo

Xander Mobus - Cooper Daniels & Professor Paradox
Imari Williams - Crawnch and Skulker

Elsie Lovelock - Eve and Ember

Christopher Crockett-Sears - GoTro

Rob Orpilla - Future Fenton and GIR

Ryan Asher - Blukic, Driba, and Phil Gacks

Paul Eiding - Max Tennyson

David Sobolov - Clockwork


Rob Orpilla - Writer, Illustrator, & Editor

Ryan Asher - Additional Art

Xander Mobus - Voice Director

Kellen Goff - Casting Director & Assistant Voice Director

Crystalmoon101 - Additional Visual Effects

NoxiMation - Original Score

Extended credits at the end of each episode!

Episodes 10 through 14 are in production!
Frequent updates are on our Patreon.

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