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"Good Evening Extranet and Multi-Dimensional Travelers!"

Step into the void with Horas, a collection of artificial squid-like droids armed with a portal projector that allows them to travel the Multiverse and document any civilization, planet, or realm they come across. The Horas Hoard yearn to educate the universe on each other’s way of life, but with the dangerous territories these quick-witted machines explore, they attract a lot of unwanted attention. From hilarious to frightful events and scenarios, it’s never a dull day at Plumber HQ!


While it started as a simple lore-explanation series with a sliding .png of a talking robot, And Beyond quickly evolved into an animated spectacle with an ongoing story. The series was created to supply additional information for the 5YL Multiverse without affecting the main story. It takes base elements from featured franchises such as Ben 10, Danny Phantom, Dragonball Z, DC Comics, and endless cameos and easter eggs from the expansive multiverse, and expands on them with our own additional mythology. 


Below, you can watch every episode of Season 1, and watch the series evolve in art, animation, tone, and complexity.

You can also support the series by joining our Patreon, or purchasing some of our merchandise below!


Ryan Asher - Horas, Blukic, Driba, Zs'Skayr, Addwaitya, and Creatures

Rob Orpilla - Toras, The Emissary, and Creatures

Paxton Lee - Ben Tennyson 

Julisa Lopez - Gwendolyn Tennyson

Christopher Crockett-Sears - Commander Crow

Corina Boettger - Glacier

AJ Beckles - Rook Blonko and Popfly

Kellen Goff - Caladrin, Kenko, Smoothie, and Creatures

Hurshie L. K. Williams - Cube

Avery Martinez - Cotton

Joy Ofodu - Cursecrafter

Sam Slade - Charmcaster

WN - Aero2Go Announcer

Yvonne Orpilla - All-Fit Outfits Announcer


Ryan Asher - Main Writer and Illustrator

Rob Orpilla - Additional Writing, Additional Illustration, Animation, and Editing

Crystalmoon101 - Additional Visual Effects

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