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Concept Art by Kuro

Buck Wild
Buck Wild 2-Page Spread
Temporal Zone Panorama
Temporal Zone Test
Lost Through Time
Portaler Concept Art
Portaler 2
Danny & Sam
The Allience
Danny's New Suit
Danny's New Sword
Big Ben 1
Big Ben 2
Vlad Army
Clockwork's Tower Layout

Enjoy a taste of the production side of 5 Years Later.

You can click on the images to view them in full, and read exclusive commentary.

Concept Art by Ryan

Spitter 1
Spitter 2
Portaler 1
Portaler 2
Portaler 3
God Paradox
God Clockwork
Temporal Zone City
Big Ben 1
Big Ben 2
Big Ben 3
Temp 1
Temp 2
Temp 3
Temp 4
Temp 5
Final Temp
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