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The Ink Tank LLC has grown in quality and reputation to deliver a wide range of content that has impacted millions across the globe with their online entertainment, and services for other businesses and clients. We encourage strong and personal communication with our clients to deliver our services on a timely schedule.

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Rob "Kuro the Artist" Orpilla


An artist of many mediums, Orpilla founded The Ink Tank LLC in 2018 with Hurshie L. K. Williams to develop content for their own projects, along with freelancing for other businesses and clients. He has a strong passion for his work and pushes for creativity and entertainment as the core of everything they produce.


Orpilla grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and created experimental animations for YouTube as early as 2007. His love for film and animation inspired him to pursue the path of directing films, but eventually found success in his artistic capabilities. He is also President of the Rural Justice Network, a Thespian, and a licensed bartender. 

Hurshie L. K. Williams


Hurshie Williams is the backbone of The Ink Tank - always successfully finding new ways to expand our content and reach. He also frequently contributes to projects with concepts, scripting, and hosting. His strength comes from his fearless ambition to keep pushing forward and sees every path taken as a possibility for success. 

Williams met Orpilla during the early years of YouTube, and kept in touch ever since. As Orpilla's work continued to grow, Williams was able to develop the business side of the operation, legitimizing our content as a full career. With many years of experience in System Administration and Production Support, he also ensures our equipment and software are working properly and up-to-date.

Avery T. "Fro" Martinez

Content Creation & Community Mangement

Martinez found success online early as an admin of multiple popular Facebook media pages. He has taken interest in Photoshop and Video Editing to create comedic content for the community. He also is the primary director and actor for sponsorship segments in our videos.

Martinez is an avid lover and consumer of animated media. While not primarily involved with our main project development, Martinez always finds ways to contribute to our operations, and manages our online chatrooms and forums.

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Ryan "O.R.Ash" Asher

Content Creation

Asher originally joined our team for his skills in illustration and design. Over the years, Asher continues to go above and beyond with our work, creating the animated mockumentary series And Beyond, and weekly commission streams that are always well-received by our community. 


Growing up in Texas, Asher often amused himself with voice impressions and fictional world-building, both of which became important factors in our projects. Asher has created and voiced many characters in our animated projects, and is the most involved with conceputalizing and writing aside from Orpilla himself.

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Kellen Goff

Content Creation

Goff is primarily a voice actor, with some of his most famous roles known as Overhaul in My Hero Academia, Diavolo in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Optimus Prime at the Universal Studios Parks. For the Ink Tank, he has contributed his voice to many of their animated projects, along with casting and directing other actors. He has also had creative input in the development of said projects. 

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Outside of our five core members, we also work with numerous others to assist in additional community management, development on our series' wikia, and are partnered with Ellify for Sponsorship opportunites. 

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