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Concept Art by Kuro

Zak Saturday
XLR8 Concept
Plumber Students
Wildmutt Armor Concept 1
Wildmutt Armor Concept 2
Four Arms Concept 1
Four Arms Concept 2
Gwen Tennyson Concept
Lula Face Concept
Plumber Lab Background 1
Plumber Lab Background 2
Future Bellwood Buildings Concept
Feedback Holding The Anialarg
Many Aliens
Chapter 2 Cover
College Pic

Enjoy a taste of the production side of 5 Years Later.

You can click on the images to view them in full, and read exclusive commentary.

Concept Art by Alex

Eon Concept Sheet
Ripjaws Concept
Stinkfly Concept
Four Arms Concept
Diamondhead Concept
Alex's Plumber Student Avatar
Eon Poster
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