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The following videos contain Video Editing by Rob Orpilla using Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.

Music and Sound Effects licensed for use by Epidemic Sound.

All-Star Superman Analysis
Duncan Rouleau Interview
"Time" Typography

A sample of Utkarsh Ambudkar's song "Time"

with custom Typography by Orpilla.

Orpilla and Asher interview Duncan Rouleau,

Co-Founder of Man of Action Entertainment.

Comparing the Comic vs Film versions of the story.

SurfShark Sponsorship
Company Advertisement
Misc. Examples

One of our older promotions for The Ink Tank LLC.

[Information in video may be outdated]

Documentary-Style, Dancing Effects, and Presentation!

A YouTube advertisement for Surfshark VPN,

styled after 2019's Harley Quinn series.

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