The Ink Tank LLC is a Multi-Purpose Production Company

designed to both create entertainment media

and provide services for clients and businesses.

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Founded in 2018 by Rob Orpilla and Hurshie Williams,

The Ink Tank LLC has grown in quality and reputation to deliver a wide range of content that has impacted millions.

We encourage strong and personal communication with our clients to deliver our services on a timely schedule.

We invite you to take the time to view our services and content below, along with testimonials from previous clients.


The Ink Tank has produced a commendable assortment of media in-house,

including animation, informative commentary, and interactive live shows with our audience.

Our work has been showcased on Amazon, Television, YouTube,

and many popular social media and video hosting websites.

We have also created a successful online comic series,

and have a subdivision to manage our online communities and additional websites.


Rachel L.S. Charman

Creative Director, What A Bee! Studios

[Rob] has dependably displayed a stellar work ethic, and exceptional attention to detail. Can express written instructions into visual information with a consistent high level of quality, and continues to impress with his artistic skills.


Michael Garcia

Creator of Phantom Hollow

Will work with you closely and thoroughly to make your vision a reality, even if you yourself can’t see it yet. Understands storytelling tropes and art styles associated with modern animation and eastern anime.


The Alpha Jay Show

Animation News & Reviews

[Rob] surpassed my expectations due to professionalism, clarity and generosity. Greatly appreciate the attention to detail and passion for creative work. Puts clients first and shows a consistent effort with high quality results. 


Sarah A. Vancini

MBA CEO & Founder

Their energy was permeable and made the event the success it is! We will be using them for our future conferences. Their logistics were flawless. Would highly recommend!


The RECast

Animation Podcast

[Rob] is easily the most hard-working artist I know. His turnaround time and ability to juggle so many projects will always astound me. He has an endless supply of energy and throws it into each project he takes on.


James Cooper

Professional Wrestler

I can’t express how amazing of an experience it was to work with [Rob]. He made himself accessible to my needs during the process. I keep very weird hours as a professional wrestler.